Welcome to Kanatha-Aki, an Amerindian philosophy meaning “custodian of land without borders” in Algonquin. It is an exceptional place where you will be accompanied by a passionate family, who will be able to pass on their love of nature, and guided through fantastic landscapes by professional muchers! Guaranteed sensations and magic!

An immersive Experience  

This activity will surprise you with the richness of this vast wilderness you will be traveling by dog sled. Here you will see traces of animals, such as deer, beaver, fox… After an hour of sledding, you will have the privilege of visiting the first Athabascaes Wood Bison Reserve in Quebec, erected to protect these animals, which are listed as threatened. During this unique visit, you will be able to discover the mores and way of life of bison in their vast territory.

You will then make a second stop at one of our shelters, where the guide will prepare a hot drink and maple syrup or honey toast on the wood stove. Then we’ll be back for another hour of dog sled exploration to fill up with sensations! A warm chocolate will be available at our Welcome Lodge, so you can share your most beautiful impressions and then freely go see the dogs, walk around, enjoy the area before boarding the bus again and go back to Montreal !

How to dress up ?

You’ll be surprise by how physical dog sledding in a wild area can be ! however it is accessible for everybody. 

No heavy wool clothing.

Choose winter sporting clothing such as waterproof or water-resistant skiing pants.

Good winter boots will be your best friends for skating!

Ideally, bring two pairs of gloves!

5 dates of journey click here to book, limited places:

Dog sledding and bisons encounter

Our offer for $216.5 + Txes / person included

  • Transportation Back-to-Back Montreal Day at Kanatha-Aki bus
  • Service of an attendant
  • Comfortable dog sled ride with a guide mucher for a great experience
  • Bison visit: Unique in Quebec!
  • Open access to the kennel to thank, photograph and watch dogs keeper work.


How does it work ?

Kanatha Aki, unlike other centres, offers a one-on-one experience with a guide. In order to ensure the best and most authentic experience possible, you will be separated into two groups of 12 people and divided into two departures.

Departures for the activity are at 10AM and 1PM, preparation before each departure takes approximately 30-40min.

You will be 2 per slew. If you would like to be alone, please contact us at [email protected] or via our contact from by giving us your phone number before making your reservation.

Don’t worry, while waiting, take the opportunity to walk around the dogs, pet them, take extra photos, talk to the keepers, walk around the fishing ponds and on the trails.


Departure à 7.45AM at Métro Sherbrooke – Rue des Malines

Bus trip length : 1h45min

Back to Montréal around 18h15

Book your trip now, limited places

Conditions of sales

Number of seating limits per departure: 32

Booking deadlines: Wednesday midnight prior to departure. Contact us by email or phone for availability past this date.

Cancellation conditions: cancel at any time or delay your departure to a later date, you will be reimbursed on your credit card minus $50.00 in fees. 

If you would like to cancel, check availability or be placed on a waiting list, please contact us by phone at 514 627 8929, [email protected], or via our contact form.