Top 10 reasons to come onboard Navette Ski Montreal

Raison #1

Prices are unbeattable, booking is simple and the team is very friendly ! We got a nice web site and even a Facebook.

Raison #2

One bus can replace 10 to 25 cars on the road. Assuming it needs the triple fuel quantity to make the same distance, that distance is approximately 100km, you’ll contribute to avoid… er… lots of gaz pollution! We’re really kin on maths…

Raison #3

There’s a place for each of you, even with your pair of ski, and your snowboard just in case you’d like to switch during the day…

Raison #4

No pressure, we drive you, you are on a comfortable seat (tested and approved by NS-MTL crew) and there are screens inside the bus.

Raison #5

Complete your sleep, speak about last night party, think about the next one, and appreciate landscape while listening to your favorite songs…. To each his own journey!

Raison #6

Share your day, confirm for tonight’s event, have a well-deserved nap, listen to the second half of this morning playlist… To each his own return back trip!

Raison #7

To hell with renting a car, be 5 people compressed, ski against the doors, a snowboard awkwardly placed through the middle space… And of course, having to wake up early on Monday to check out the car before going at school or at the office (yes we also experienced that… too many time)

Raison #8

Stop going around in circles in the resort before parking your car then walk 10 minutes to the ticket office and realize that you forgot your debit card in the glove (told you, we experienced that tool)

Raison #9

Many crazy advantages are offered by our friends, check out our section dedicated to partners.

Raison #10

If you’re not convienced, then try this : close your eyes then repeat «N.S. MTL” three times in your head, and finally buy a ticket. Results are guaranteed !

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No more hesitation, see you on slopes!